About 60tools Speak

60tools Speak makes it easier to navigate on our website. On this page we tell you about how to use this feature.

How it works

To start the service, just click on the speech bubble in right side of the navigation above or use this link. Now you can type in something. The following types of input are supported:


To submit your input, just click on the arrow on the right side of the field. Now the program is going to analyze your input. If you use the Speak command, every word/phrase in your text get matched with our database. If it's found there are different priorities for every word. The command that has the most matches, will be executed.

If there is no command found, you can try our search or, if you think there should be a command for your input, you can tell us about using the "Feedback" function.

The Speak command

Here are some examples of a Speak command:

  • "I'd like to generate a gif image" You will be redirected to the GIF Maker.
  • "Convert 8 gram to kilogram" The tool Unit Converter shows you the result.
  • "What is the number average of 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 3, 2?" Number Average displays the result.
  • "How many days are left until 12/20/2020 10:01?" You will be redirected to Datum Countdown showing the result.
  • "Show me the md5 hash of 'test123'" The tool md5 & sha1 Generator displays the md5 hash of test123. The ' will be ignored.
60tools Speak know commands to navigate to each of our tools. For some commands we use our FillIn technology. At first we extract special parameters of your input (for example the date). Using this data FillIn redirects to the tool and displays directly the answer of your question.

We also explain on this page which commands you can use (have a look below).

Execute directly a command

Experienced users maybe also want to know about how to type in directly a command. Using this method you can define variables and choose the right tool yourself. Here are some examples:


  • "!text-comparison" Typing in this command you will be redirected to the Text Comparison.
  • "!alarm minutes=2,seconds=22" Starts the Alarm at 2 minutes and 22 seconds.
  • "!random-number min_number=1,max_number=6" Generates a random number between 1 and 6 using this tool.
It's important to observe the structure of a direct command. Every direct command begins with a "!". After that you have to type in (without a space before) the scriptname of a tool. You can read the scriptname out of the URL: 60tools.com/en/tool/[SCRIPTNAME]. If you use a command not linked to a tool, you have to use the command name (printed in bold in the list below) instead of the scriptname.
The input is still done, if you just like to redirect to the tool with the given scriptname, but if you'd to use parameters type in a space and then the parameters (parametername=value) seperated by a ",".
You can derive the parameters from the HTML content of the tool page. The parameter name is the name-value of a form field. Note also the hidden fields. If there is the hidden field "send" with the value 2, it's important that you also add the parameter send with the value 2 (send=2) to the command. If "send" is 1 you don't have to.

The possible commands

This list contains all commands, you can activate with a direct or a Speak command. Maybe this list contains sometimes not all the possible commands. Last updated: 07.07.2013


  1. about-60tools
    Text output: Information about 60tools

    no parameters
  2. about-60tools-speak
    Text output: Information about 60tools Speak

    no parameters
Additionally there is command for every tool. You can see the possible parameters by visiting the tool page (fields on the page).

Tool commands, which accept parameters and use FillIn:
  • unix-timestamper
  • online-hash-generator
  • random-number
  • password-generator
  • day-counter
  • cross-sum
  • alarm
  • rgb-hex-generator
  • number-average
  • base64
  • greg-jul-calendar
  • age
  • unit-converter
  • time
  • text2image
  • letter-number
  • vanity-calculator
  • domain-ip
  • meta-tags-reader
  • date-range

All other tools are accessible by a simple redirect to the tool url.

The FillIn technology

FillIn submits tool forms for you. You can use it also without 60tools Speak.

FillIn-URL: 60tools.com/[LANG]/fillin/[SCRIPTNAME]/[PARAMETERS]

[LANG] = A few letters, to show which language you'd like to use (e.g. "en")
[SCRIPTNAME] = The scriptname of tool, you can find it in the tool URL (60tools.com/en/tool/[SCRIPTNAME])
[PARAMETERS] = Note the structure: "parametername=value". Seperate more than one parameters by using ",".

The technology is helpful, if you need a link that not just shows the tool page without input, but directly the result.

Example: 60tools.com/de/fillin/random-number/min_number=1,max_number=6

It displays a random number between 1 and 6, generated with the Random-Number tool. Without FillIn you can link to tool page, but there won't display any data.