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Calculate the cross sum (also digit sum) of a number. The cross sum is the sum of all single numbers. For example the cross sum of 12 is 1+2=3.

Additionally the tool calculates the weighted, alternating and k-cross sum too.

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About this tool

You can calculate the mathematic cross sum of a number using this tool. After you typed in a number, the result will be displayed. To calculate the normal cross sum you just have to add all single numbers. For example the cross sum of 12 is 3 (2+1).

Single digit
From the result the cross sum will be calculated again, until the result is single-digit.

Weighted cross sum
As the normal cross sum, but e.g. the numbers are multiplied ascending, thus for the number 220: 2 * 1 + 2 * 2 + 0 * 3 = 6

Alternating cross sum
It is subtracted and added alternately.

k-Cross sum
k is a variable. It describes the number of digits that are added. Starting from the right, this is an example for the number 220 and k=2: 20 + 2 = 22

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