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Online Hash Generator

The Online Hash Generator generates hashes (also called checksums) with many hashing algorithms. This tool allows also hashing iterations in one run. You can also generate a file checksum.

The following hashing algorithms are supported: md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, ripemd160, ripemd320, whirlpool, tiger192,4, snefru256, gost, gost-crypto, haval256,5.

Generate hash with many algorithms

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About this tool

md5, sha1 & Co. are often used to store passwords hashed, as a kind of 1-way-encryption. If someone gets access to the data, he gets only the hash. In case of a hacking attack, the hacker can just use the password to hack also other accounts of this users, but he got only the hash. Another example are Anti-Virus programs. They can compare dangerous files just by their hash/checksum without the need to send the whole file to the server.

The stronger the algorithm, the better the so-called collisions - completely different inputs come to the same hash - can be avoided. A collision can lead to unexpected or undesirable results in programs. Therefore, it is particularly important to use a hash algorithm with greater collision security.

The very popular algorithms md5 & sha1 are now being replaced by algorithms such as sha256. With this online hash generator you can hash with many algorithms and that even several times, thus with iterations/hashing repeats.

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