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To compare two texts with this diff checker, paste in the texts in the fields below or select the files you would like to compare. Up to 50,000 characters can be processed.

PRO: An extensive PDF analysis will be generated, which you can download afterwards.


or upload (4 MB txt/doc/docx/odt)

or upload (4 MB txt/doc/docx/odt)




Your texts will be transfered encrypted and not be stored. Only in the case of a PDF analysis the PDF file is stored temporarily (2h for downloading). If you use the "Safe & Share"-function your texts are stored permanently. However, please do not enter sensitive personal data (e.g., health information).


About this tool

In various versions of documents or other files, it is helpful to learn about the differences of both texts. For example this Text Comparison tool detects skipped lines or words and just different words. Additionally the similarity will be displayed in percent. This value bases on the share of same words in both texts and gives information about the uniqueness of the texts. You want to see how this works? Try the diff checker with his advanced algorithm.Please mind that empty lines or white spaces at the beginning or end of a line will be ignored.

A value over 80% indicates a plagiarism with very high probability, a value over 50% at least with high probability. Especially by shifting of paragraphs the value is less accurate. In addition small changes influence the score the more the shorter the texts are.

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