The Massimageeditor offers you the possibility to edit multi images in one run, as a batch conversion does. You can upload 15 files with a file size of at most 4 MegaBytes. You can select them using Shift or Ctrl.

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About this tool

You can use a few image editors to edit one image or the explorer to rename one file. But what if you want to edit several images at once? The mass image editor edits several images in one run. If the files should be for example smaller than 500*500 pixels, you can use the Massimageeditor to resize multi images in one run to this size. This way it is a lot faster and easier to edit a few photos.

There are several options for editing images availabe: Resizing, convert (JPEG/PNG/GIF), rename, transparent background or a few image and picture filters.

All PNG files are optimized with OptiPNG on an effective, but not the best level. If the processing is still too slow, just deactivate the PNG optimization.

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