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Create and edit vector graphics with the SVG Editor.



About this tool

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. In difference to conventional graphic formats (e.g. PNG), the result is not saved (e.g. pixel 300, 221 is red), but the way to draw it (e.g. draw a rectangle over a quarter of the area). This allows you to scale and enlarge them without blurring the image. The SVG file format is supported especially by the modern browsers.

With the SVG Editor you can create vector graphics with elements such as text, rectangles, lines and other shapes and save them as SVG files. For security reasons, all elements and fonts not supported by this editor are removed during import. Once you save a file, only the fonts that you have used will be included as WOFF files for a small SVG file.

You can use shortcuts for this editor: With Ctrl + E you delete the current element, with Ctrl + ↓ you end the editing of the element. With Ctrl + ←/→ you can switch between the elements.

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